Disco Chicken

It’s too good. I’m sorry, but it’s just. too. good.

What are you talking about, Meck?

What am I talking about?!

I’m talking about something so awesome that I saw a twitpic of it it earlier and accidentally blurted out “omg yesssssssss” at my desk.

I’m talking about something so great that when I opened my inbox and saw it in all its shining wonder, I couldn’t wait to get home so I could blog about it.

I’m talking about something so fantastic, so distinctive, and so glittery that I knew the only people who could possibly appreciate it as much as me, is you guys.

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: The Firebird….



1) Squeeeeeeeeeee

2) This is my new favorite thing uptown.  Sorry gold disc, I’d much rather tell my friends to MEET ME AT THE DISCO CHICKEN.  Magical waterfall at TnT that they decorate for christmas? Pssshh. Fourth Ward Park? Nipple-slip Future statue? Gold Rush Red Line? No. No. No.  Disco Chicken? Yesssssssssss.

3) Just a few days after the city starts to take down the JFG sign, they’re all BAM: disco chicken.   I feel like a kid whose golden retriever just died and I’ve barely stopped crying when Momma and Daddy Charlotte come home from the pound with a newer, shinier doggie.  And I’m all, I don’t want a new dog, I want Fluffly! Plus this dog kinda smells and AWWWW look at it’s face! It’s so sparkly! Did you see how he just licked my hand?!

4) Still, squeeeeeeee.

I, for one, am absolutely ecstatic about this addition to the list of Uptown landmarks. In 20 years when they are trying to tear down to the whole art plaza to build a 103-story condo tower, I will come back from wherever I’m living and chain myself to the Disco Chicken in protest.  Because, dammit, some things are worth preserving. And I have the distinct feeling that this is going to be one of them.