It’s so much fun to be this bad

Gentlemen. Ladies. This. THIS. Is going to be so much fun!

Where to start…?

1) Is there a word for something that’s so bad it’s good? If not, the word for it should be this video. I’ve watched “It’s so much fun to be this good” (ISMF2BTG) enough times now to normalize the cheesy original composition and camera shots of all the must-visit Charlotte attractions (pause for awkward self-aware moment to realize that almost everything going on in this city can fit into a 3:08 clip) and I’m no longer throwing up in my mouth and I’m thinking…we’ve got an Appalachian is Hot Hot Hot video on our hands! Quick, someone scrape this ish and put it on youtube. Charlotte’s about to be featured on Tosh.0

2) Actually, this video is better than AIHHH.  Does the App video apologize for it’s very existence the way ISMF2BTG does when they sing “It’s okay to pat our backs.”  Seriously, that’s one of the lyrics. And it must be asked, at this point, is it? Is it really okay?

3) I don’t know what tickles me more, the fact that some Charlotte company, or, God forbid, taxpayer funded entity, commissioned not only this video but the song that goes with it and probably paid a butt-ton of money for it. Your money, that you don’t have much of but still have been respectfully and dutifully depositing into the local economy. It was spent on this video. To the tune of 10,000+ dollars it easily cost to produce (and that’s a low-ball guestimate). And this was the outcome. An expensive and meticulously produced statement of who we are, to ourselves and the world. The best image of Charlotte that money could buy. Or, OR the fact that one of those images includes, shit you not,  Target and Home Depot signs. Come to Charlotte, ya’ll! We got Target and Home Depot now! Oh, actually, um, this is awkward, but that Home Depot went out of business.

4) So what we really have here is our very own version of the Cleveland Tourism Video, except decidedly unsnarky and actually, taking itself quite seriously. I’ve read recently in several vaunted Charlotte publications that the future of this city is in the creative job market. I must now, respectfully, disagree.

5) How long til we can get this song auto-tuned? If not, I’ll call Paul at Longmont Computer. He’ll fix it!