What’s in your bag: Charlotte hipster edition

Today on Facebook, Charlotte Viewpoint asked fans to share what three things they ALWAYS carry in either their bags or pockets. They also offered a picture to get us started. Apparently someone at the magazine ALWAYS carries an orange, a spoon, a writer’s notebook, and what appears to be a pack of gum (likely purchased at Common Market). For those of you counting: you’re welcome.

Next, reader Jonathan chimed in that he ALWAYS carries way more than three things a camera (ding!), a moleskin (ding!), first aid kit,a rain poncho, a multitool, toiletries (of unknown count and variety), and a fire-starter. He sounds like quite the outdoor enthusiast. I would guess a frequent hiker/camper. In fact, Johnathan is so serious about getting in touch with nature, and likely doing his photojournalism and foliage sketches at the same time, that he ALWAYS carries his rain poncho with him, even to his job in uptown.

Not wanting to be outdone by the sheer awesomeness of the hipster/”creative”/”grassroots” boho/OMGTHISISTOTALLYREPRESENTATIVEOFWHOIREALLYAMIALWAYSCARRYTHISSTUFF offerings made by CLTViewpoint and Jon, I now humbly offer my own examples:


Canadian Hobart, a grapfruit, and Aristrocrat Tequila

I ALWAYS carry the above three items because I believe in healthy eating and drinking heavily while I research literary magazines and plan my next short story submission. I know I’m going to get accepted this time, I just know it.

I got some new bamboo sheets at Bamboo Quest

Rasputin, a russian nesting doll, pocket copy of the New Testament

I ALWAYS carry my three-legged rescue dog, a matryoshka (whiiiiich was actually purchased in Russia in 2006 and not from Urban outfitters or Modcloth in 2010), and a pocket New Testament that I ironically took from a preacher on UNCC’s campus. Because you never know when you might need them.

And finally,


Wallet, keys, sunglasses. Artfully displayed on polished concrete. Not pictured: cellphone.

I ALWAYS carry my wallet, keys, and sunglasses. Wherever I go. Because, after all, I’m a real person.